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Kevin Finn

TBA - The Road to listing 100 selling agents

In leadership terms, Dane's key point of difference is the fact that he treats his sales staff as clients and instils the same mindset into his support personnel, that is, to treat the salespeople they serve as clients too. As a non-listing leader, Dane believes agents list property, while leaders list people. He has developed a simple, yet highly successful recruitment strategy, which is closely aligned to the way agents prospect for listings. And he has created an environment in which the best agents and support personnel want to work. Dane's innovative approach to recruitment is the future of recruitment for those with a big business mindset.

You will learn

  • That business growth starts and ends with recruitment.
  • Why a leader must prospect for people, much like agents prospect for listings.
  • Why it is so important to treat the administrative support function very seriously if you want to grow your business.
  • How to instill a ‘client mentality’ in your back office support team.
  • How to build a platform for growth and why, much like each new release of the Apple iPhone, you need to continually reinvent that platform as you grow.
  • How to have a ‘big business’ mindset while maintaining a small business-style culture as you grow.
  • A system for putting the structures in place to keep the personal connection alive in your business and why that is so important.
  • How to manage the inevitable growing pains as you build your business.
  • How to manage and nurture mid to top tier talent and why it is important to understand and accept that the ‘top players on the field’ may get caught offside more than the other players will.

Speaker Bio

Dane Atherton is somewhat of a legend in real estate circles. Just seven short years ago, he opened Harcourts Coastal on Queensland’s Gold Coast with a team of two salespeople and a goal to reach 100. Today his sales force stands at 85 over four locations and is bringing a staggering seventeen to eighteen million dollars in fees into the business each year. Aside from Dane’s phenomenal business growth, he and his team have won multiple industry awards and he has spoken at numerous industry events and is regularly featured in the media as an industry expert. His business motto, 'Positively Different' is one that he adopts not only in the manner by which buyers and sellers are treated, but also in the way he recruits, rewards and retains his staff.