Peter Matthews

It was Peter’s energy, enthusiasm and dedication that led him to become to success he has been in the real estate industry.


From the age of 19 years old, Peter was listing and selling real estate in Sydney. At age 22, Peter was calling auctions and had amassed over 25,000 auctions across Australia and New Zealand. It was Peter’s energy, enthusiasm and dedication that no doubt led the Real Estate Institute of NSW naming him the state number one Auctioneer.

For the next 30 years, Peter has continued to serve the real estate industry and clients in a range of roles. From an Associate and trainer, a Senior Associate, owner of three franchise offices, twice General Manager and Director of Strategy, Marketing and Operations — Peter has shown exceptional innovation and leadership across his extensive career.

Now, Peter is the CEO and Co-Founder of Realtair, a middleware platform serving the real estate industry through evolutionary technology and end-to-end integrated real estate sales solutions.

Having combined forces with Founder of AuctionNow, Damien Cooley, and Founder of Real Estate Academy, Lee Woodward - these three leaders have created empowering, innovative solutions for their clients to enhance the customer experience.

Peter’s contribution to the industry extends beyond his personal interests, where he is currently the Vice President of the Real Estate Institute of NSW and is a contributing member of the Professional Standards initiative across the country.

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