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Joel Davis

TBA - Embracing the Evolution of Marketing in Real Estate

In this session, Christopher will demonstrate the changing Real Estate customer and explain how to use Marketing to reach and engage people in a more effective way.

You will learn:

  • How Marketing and Real Estate are evolving
  • The advantages Marketing offers your Agents and Agency
  • About offering your vendors and buyers more value
  • How to effectively utilise digital and content Marketing to engage your audience more effectively
  • How to master Social Media to extend your reach
  • The advantages of a Marketing Strategy



Speaker Bio

Joel has spent considerable time over the last 12 months touring Australia in his capacity as trainer, coach and consultant to the property management sector. During that time, he has had the opportunity to observe the challenges faced by businesses, large and small, and how much those challenges can vary from one business to the next. In this session, Joel will discuss the most common challenges he has witnessed and share the proven solutions to address them. He will also show you how to take your property management business to the next level by implementing a strategic plan for sustainable growth and the processes to stay accountable and on track to achieve your goals.