Rebecca Clow

Rebecca offers unique coaching and mentoring that focuses on people, profits and future leaders.


Transitioning Property Managers to People Managers

In leadership roles, the bottom line of the business is people first. In real estate, this is especially true. That’s why Rebecca will take us through the importance of transitioning Property Managers to People Managers.

In this enlightening session, you will learn why future proofing property management is essential to stay relevant and valued to your customer. You will understand the value of leadership in a supportive model of people, technology, outsourcing and strong processes working to build a sustainable business model.

Rebecca gives us great insight into why leaders and managers need to plan, engage and execute the change management process to create success in their team. As well as finding influencers in your team to combat existing fears, behaviours and habits which may hinder the transitioning process. And finally, to combat any road blocks, looking at improvements which can be adopted by team members to continue growth.


As Director of bd by design, Rebecca offers a unique coaching and mentoring business focusing on people, profits and future leaders in Real Estate.

With a background in corporate business and diverse roles in Property Management, Rebecca is known for her passion as a dynamic speaker and coach. She is passionate and energetic in her pursuit to shift the thinking of growth and sustainability in property management.

Rebecca’s team respectfully transitions leaders, model growth teams and mentor property managers into the ‘Modern’ Agency through proven strategic platforms. Her entire team is highly focused on the long game to ensure Real Estate businesses of today are running Smart Businesses and ultimately, the customer experience continues to underpin the vision, strategy and planning for future growth.

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