Adam Empringham

Real estate is all Adam has ever known and he loves what he does.


Recruiting and Retaining Sales Talent

In this engaging session, Adam will explain to you the expectations of what a professional agent is. Adam has just recruited 30 agents into a business that has never been famous for selling real estate - instead, the business, Image Property, was renowned for property management.

So what makes 30 agents follow a leader into a brand new business unknown for selling? Adam will explain the reasoning perfectly in his informative session on recruiting and retaining sales talent. In this session, you will learn the infrastructure in which Adam has built for agents to perform their best work.

Great agents leave average businesses every day due to infrastructure factors such as marketing, digital tools, templates, and so on. Adam knows that until you have your internal offering correct, great agents won’t want to join you, or may quickly leave.

Adam’s journey of building the perfect platform discusses tools for success, as well as the offering of future growth opportunities for agents to stay on board and produce their best work for agencies.


Having lived in Brisbane for more than a decade with his wife and son, Adam is one of the area's most prominent influencers in the real estate space — renowned for helping others grow and succeed.

Adam’s career has provided him with an invaluable depth of experience, knowledge and leadership that has enabled him to grow and inspire many great agents. His passion for his team and the industry drives him to make real estate a better space for everyone and ensures his team fulfill their dreams every day.

Adam leads by example and personally strives to provide the highest level of service, knowledge, assistance, and enthusiasm for his clients. He expects no less from his team, which means an experience with Adam and his team will be second to none.

Adam has studied Commerce and Urban and Regional Planning and is skilled and proficient in all facets of business and real estate. His professionalism is supported by a portfolio of ecstatic clients, a wonderful team, and a rapidly growing brand.

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