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Dick Karlsson

Master real estate marketing to create better buying experiences that drive action

Drawing on his international experience, Dick will explain how interactive and engaging content on listing pages and social media has significantly increased website traffic, engagement time and leads generated for some of the world’s best real estate agencies. As a result, this has helped shape the success of their business and transact with more buyers faster in today’s market.

Speaker Bio

Dick Karlsson is the Co-founder of DIAKRIT.

Hailing from Sweden, with over 2,000 real estate clients worldwide and more than 1.6 million photos and 500,000 3D visualisations produced annually, DIAKRIT is the world’s leading provider of digital visualisation solutions for the real estate industry. Over the last 20 years Dick has worked closely with C-level real estate professionals, helping them take their property marketing and sales processes to the next level. Dick is today responsible for global sales, strategic development, new client partnerships and is the visionary of many of DIAKRIT’s innovative solutions. He transmits key concepts in Business Innovation supported by smart adoption of technology — with emphasis on revenue opportunities & impact, efficiency, enhanced end user experience and new business opportunities.