Lisa & Mark Novak

Lisa and Mark Novak are a power couple when it comes to real estate. Their unique insights on the real estate industry is second to none, and the combined experience of the two shows excellence in the field.


The Multimedia Leaders

Have you heard of the Novaks? Everybody has. They’re the social media multimedia leaders in the real estate space who are followed and watched not only nationally, but globally. Novak Estate Agency are without a doubt the leaders in multimedia and social media marketing.

This session will have Mark and Lisa take the stage showcasing their most insightful knowledge on the social media space, and how you can utilise these platforms to catapult your real estate business and profile to be better than ever before. The session will advise leaders on what they can do on a daily basis to achieve these goals, as well as the breakthroughs they’ve had in having a leadership voice on social media.

As a leader of a business, you need a voice. Mark and Lisa will showcase their leadership perspective and what they do on a leadership level to get everyone in the business, completely engaged in multimedia. It's the greatest marketing breakthrough story we have in the country, which has now gone international.


Novak was established in 2002 by a 23 year old Mark — now 21 years on, Mark has extensive experience under his belt and is responsible for changing the face of real estate throughout the country. His unique, fresh & fearless approach to all aspects of real estate includes a platinum level of service not seen in the real estate industry before.

Lisa Novak has also had an extensive real estate career, being awarded 2020 REB Most Innovative Person in Real Estate, as well as the Most Innovative Woman in Real Estate 2019 by REB and the Top 50 Most Influential People in Real Estate by Elite Agent Magazine.

Lisa is well known and has been awarded as one of the top agents in the country for selling property for record prices with record time frames directly off her social media, amidst many other platforms, including the generic property platforms, often for $0 marketing spend to vendors.

The two have a vision for the future by continuing to change the face of real estate and aim to expand in order to fulfill the dreams and expectations of all aspects of the property sphere.

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