Angie Dunn

Angie is a passionate people manager and advocate, creating a results-oriented and performance-based culture, inspiring teams to achieve strongly alongside a strategic vision.


Modern Management in the New World

How do teams work differently than they’ve worked before? As we move into the future of leadership and collaboration, we learn that teams need a different kind of leadership.

They’re blocked by different things, and unlike traditional management — modern methods and collaborative team leadership is at the heart of modern management.

Angie’s session looks at her own style of leadership, how she has implemented modern management techniques, as well as looking at your own style of management. You’ll learn who will be the next future managers that you need in your business, and what skills these managers must have. The session speaks from Angie’s impressive first hand experience, and aims to teach you the future of modern management to create the greatest success in your team and business.


An experienced leader, with a 20-year career delivering significant revenue growth to a range of start-ups & large corporations, Angie knows agility is key to growth and success. Her experience has proven that high performance is an attitude and with the right coaching, discipline, and agility when it counts, you can transform any business and lead any team to higher performance and better outcomes.

Angie works with leaders to build and develop high performing and highly engaged teams, teaching them to focus on innovative solutions, continuous improvement & robust business transformations, to underpin long term success in changing commercial landscapes.

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