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Mandy Wurth

Peak performance for the Holistic Business

Business management and operational consultant, Mandy Wurth will take to the stage to explain how to protect your staff and the future talent coming through the ranks.

Mandy believes we still have a tendency to only development the sales team of the business.

However it takes the whole of the business to function at its PEAK from the Front Desk Manager to the CEO to ensure there is profitability and ongoing productivity, that delivers on business and personal goals for each member of the team.

In this  session “Perk Performance for the Holistic Business” Mandy will take you through the process of developing your “Whole Team” for growth and retention.

  • Empowerment of all staff members, success is key
  • Mindset both Personal and Professional
  • Direction and Purpose
  • Understand your why - so your team can understand these
  • Increase Productivity - High performance vs under performance
  • Setting Goals
  • Take Responsibility
  • Staff Discipline
  • Take Risks

Mandy Wurth has been working consisting in the industry for 20 years and has identified that for a business to shine and stand out from the rest, all of the team members need to be given the opportunity  to develop, both personally and professional.

Speaker Bio

Mandy is a leading coach and mentor to multiple sales teams and professional men and women nationwide. It is Mandy’s commitment to go above and beyond expectations to improve the function and performance of her clients, which keeps her in demand amongst the Real Estate industry’s top performers.

With a Real Estate career spanning over 19 years, Mandy’s experience and influence has been sought after to engage her with a number of high profile, high performing organisations across the country.

During this time Mandy has gained 10 years’ experience in general management positions successfully managing up to 160 personnel across multiple offices at one time.

Thriving on opportunities to enhance operating systems, team dynamics and overall business performance, Mandy has been responsible for the development of a brand specific induction process and training program for new recruits, the restructure of departments to improve efficiencies, improving staff morale and client relationships and the implementation of new systems for improved cash flow monitoring and reporting.

What separates Mandy as a first-class coach is not only her wealth of experience, but her passion for helping people push their upper limits, her active listening skills and her ability to inspire growth within her clients.