Chris Henry

Chris leads from the front with a hands-on passion for the industry and deep commitment to personal and professional development.


Business Leadership Implementations

It may be easy to learn about leadership structures and formulas that create success, but how do we implement them into our business to ensure change?

Chris Henry will be speaking about the five key business implementations that change the game in business. Implemented first hand by Lee Woodward in his own business — these key implementations will create massive change in business, business culture and recruitment. For Lee, these implementations created some of the greatest numbers ever done in real estate — all out of the adversity of things going wrong. In this session, you will learn how to implement these key points into your business to build a better future.


Working with transformative Australian and international mentors, Chris combines his on-the-ground experience with expertise gleaned from the global business coaching community to offer a trusted source of advice for clients as he guides them through some of the most emotionally and financially important moments of their lives.

Surrounded by a highly skilled leadership team, Chris provides a steady hand to steer the business in the right direction as it evolves into a full-service real estate agency, which goes beyond buying, selling and property management to encapsulate innovation, technology, property maintenance and marketing.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Chris is always pushing boundaries and challenging established ways of thinking in order to work smarter and better every day than he did the day before.

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