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Lee Woodward

Marketing to the established client database

The beauty of real estate is the repetition of the work we do. As long as we consistently and effectively communicate with the people in our confirmed and registered dwellings database we will be successful in generating and converting leads on an ongoing basis. As a consultant to many real estate businesses, Lee works with businesses of all sizes and types. It constantly astounds him how often he witnesses the following scenario in an agency - once a sale has been transacted, no communications plan is put in place to protect the company’s most valuable sales asset of all – the Established Client Database. The simple truth is, every single transacted sale is your opportunity as the business owner for recurring revenue. It is your responsibility as leader to ensure the company remains in front of the customer long after the fees have been paid and the agent is busy working with new clients.

You will learn:

  • Why the Established Client Database is the company super fund and your greatest opportunity to generate recurring revenue.
  • Why a company must have a dedicated communication plan for its transacted database.
  • How to set up and operate a company-wide established client campaign.
  • How to encourage sales staff to utilise the company-wide established client campaign to stay in touch with their transacted clients.
  • Why salespeople fail in this area because the leadership team let them down and how to avoid this pitfall.
  • Who owns the transacted records – the agents or the company?
  • The importance of facilitating a process that leads to referrals and future business, especially for new agents.
  • Why you must understand that the Established Client Database is the company marketing program.

Speaker Bio

As founder, CEO and Creative Director of the nation’s largest real estate training and systems development company, Lee Woodward is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most in-demand real estate sales trainers, leadership coaches and keynote speakers. He has been widely acclaimed for having transformed the real estate industry and profession.  His dynamic, cutting edge business systems and career development solutions enable thousands of real estate professionals to excel in their chosen careers and countless businesses thrive in an increasingly challenging commercial environment. Lee and his team are renowned for setting the bar for training, continual improvement and systems development within the real estate industry.