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Andrew Reece

Building & Selling A Powerful Property Management Business – What I learnt & what I would do differently

One of the most famous stories in the Australian property management space was the sale of prorentals in Brisbane.  Many large property management businesses have profited from this case study and the incredible pay strategy that was devised and implemented by Andrew. Under Andrew and James’ ownership, the accelerated growth of the business and rapid accumulation of property managements was the result of the prospecting and incentive program that was developed and deployed by Andrew and his team.

Following the sale of prorentals, Andrew went on to create the industry leading software Inspectrealestate. This would not have happened without his in-depth journey in property management as the co-owner of prorentals and the many breakthroughs he created along the way.

Andrew’s story has now been told in a book titled, The Art of prorentals, which is being launched here today.  In this warts and all session, Andrew will share with you the model he built, what he would do differently and his views on the future of property management in Australia.

Speaker Bio

Andrew Reece has more than 15 years’ experience in the real estate industry. He is well known for his intense passion for the industry and his honesty and practical down-to-earth strategies for achieving profitable, organic growth. As a Certified Practising Accountant, Andrew worked as a real estate accountant for three years preparing monthly management reports for 25 of southeast Queensland’s leading real estate agents. This led to his involvement in bringing the RE/MAX franchise to Australia. Andrew then worked with the RE/MAX Corporate team to establish the first eight RE/MAX franchised real estate offices in Australia.

Andrew is best known in the industry for co-founding, a 100% pure property management company, which opened for business with just 30 properties under management in 1998.  Since opening its doors until the time the business was sold in 2011, Andrew and his business partner James Chalmers employed 32 full time staff and organically grew 2,743 new managements, all from the one office in Toowong, Brisbane.

Andrew learnt how to grow a business from first hand experience and mistakes. His experience with prorentals led him to co-create after identifying the need for a solution to the time consuming task of manually following up leads, booking inspections, and creating inspection runs. The software automatically captures tenant details and allows tenants to book inspections online. It also enables property managers to plan their inspection runs with the simple press of a button, allowing them to focus on the real task at hand – property management.

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