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Murray Carter

Recruiting, Building & Maintaining A Sales Force

Murray has quite an unusual leadership style when it comes to people management. But it is a style that has served him and the business extremely well. He believes it is an absolute non-negotiable to compete with his ‘clients’, the term he uses for his sales force. This shift in thinking requires total dedication to the philosophy of support style management.

Murray provides his ‘clients’ with the essential services that allow them to perform their duties in what he says is a far better environment than they could ever hope to create for themselves or within their own real estate office.  He has created a suite of professional services that encourages great salespeople to ‘plug and play’ instead of ‘open and compete’. His pure business approach to leadership has also enabled their business to have an incredible property management business, one that has been recognised internationally for its results.

Speaker Bio

Murray Carter established RE/MAX Regency in 2008 after more than 25 years in property and development. The business has since grown into one of Australia’s most successful RE/MAX offices, consistently placing within the top 5 in both Australia and New Zealand.  RE/MAX Regency and Murray Carter were honoured with the title of Global Broker Owner of the Year at the 2014 International RE/MAX awards held in Las Vegas.

The success of RE/MAX Regency is the result of Murray’s dedication and drive to ensure his agents, managers and administrative staff have the provisions, leadership and freedom to accomplish both their personal and professional goals.

Murray has a passion for buying and selling real estate and is therefore focused on the development of this aspect of the business. Meanwhile joint principal, Justin Miller is focused on the growth of their rent roll. Both directors strive to provide the best possible service to RE/MAX Regency ‘clients’ (their term for staff) and customers (buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants). They regularly set new benchmark levels for service and performance as an agency. 

As one of the youngest agency owners on the Gold Coast, Murray’s entrepreneurial skills have been the backbone and driving force behind the transformation of what was once a small agency with a staff of two to what it is today – one of the top RE/MAX agencies in Australia and New Zealand with a staff of 50.

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