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Steve Carroll

Rebirth of the Australian sales manager in a digital world

Steve’s depth of knowledge and experience on the role of a sales manager in real estate is unmatched in the industry. He believes a good sales manager is an incredibly valuable asset to an agency because their role is not to compete but to support. A good sales manager is also more than just a manager. He or she must be an excellent leader, someone who inspires and encourages people to be involved, to learn and to be actively engaged in the business vision and goals. Having witnessed the demise of the sales management role in the Australian real estate industry, Steve believes it is time to rebuild the strong sales management culture our country once had.

You will learn:

  • The characteristics and profile of a great sales manager, including their role and responsibilities as leader of the sales department.
  • Why the sales manager must be involved in the recruitment and induction of salespeople joining the company.
  • Why empathy and excellent listening skills are such important traits to possess as a sales manager.
  • Why a good sales leader must acknowledge (and never ignore) behaviour traits and performance levels of team members, both positive and negative.
  • A framework for supporting and managing a salesperson who has lost their way.
  • Why it is crucial to document all conversations with an under-performing team member, including agreed deliverables.
  • When it is time to exit an under-performing salesperson and how to handle this situation.
  • How to work with technology rather than let it get in the way of good management and leadership practices.

Speaker Bio

Steve held the Director of Sales role at REA Group for almost eight years. During that time, he was responsible for a dynamic sales team of over 70 who served more than 15,000 of the group’s top clients in NSW, QLD, ACT and NT.  He brings an extraordinary level of international frontline sales experience to the table and has built incredible sales teams throughout the world. Steve joined Lee Woodward as co-host of Real Estate Hot Topics in January 2018 following a partnership announcement between REA Group and Real Estate Academy in November 2017. He was promoted to his current role of national Director of Industry Relations in the same month. A dynamic speaker, Steve regularly represents REA Group at real estate conferences and in media interviews.