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The Power of Connective Marketing & Communications

Marketing is about leverage. As a business leader you are campaigning to be the brand and agency of choice. And in order to achieve that goal you must ensure that a strong, consistent message is delivered across your organisation, from administration and property management to sales and management. You must also ensure that the messages delivered are effective. And to be effective, your marketing and communications programs must cut through to establish your unique selling proposition, build your brand within the marketplace, and ultimately lead to greater customer loyalty and growth of your bottom line.

Brands like Aldi and Apple are killing it because they understand their consumers so well. They know how they tick and how to connect with them in ways that truly hit the mark. Marketing and communications within the real estate industry can be just as effective. The key is to understand the hearts and minds of your target market before creating an effective company wide connective marketing and communications plan that hits the right buttons and therefore delivers measurable results.

As a marketing and communication specialist who has managed rebranding strategies and company-wide connective marketing and communications campaigns for many well-known brands and hundreds of SMEs, Barbara will show you how to differentiate your offering in a competitive market. Having worked closely with Lee Woodward for many years to create blended marketing solutions for the real estate industry, Barbara has an intimate understanding of our industry and has tailored her session to suit our audience of real estate leaders who head organisations of varying sizes and structures.

You will learn how to create a fully integrated company-wide prospecting and connective marketing program, including a suggested 12-month calendar of marketing activities, whereby one campaign leverages another. The result will be more listings and sales/rentals in the short term and greater brand awareness and customer loyalty in the longer term. Barbara will also show you the latest technology for innovative digital communication strategies as part of a blended marketing approach.

Speaker Bio

Barbara Ketley is the founder and creative director of Milestone-Belanova, a full service marketing and communications agency on the NSW Central Coast. Along with Lee Woodward, she is also a member of the Real Estate Design Advisory Board.

Barbara started her marketing career in the corporate world. She held senior roles within national and international companies before starting her own agency in 1997. As a full service agency, Milestone-Belanova offers the full suite of creative, digital and strategic talent in-house.

Barbara and her team have been serving the real estate industry for as long as she has owned her business. She and her team work closely with Lee to design a range of strategic, fully integrated marketing solutions for the national real estate industry, including prospecting, pre-listing, and relationship building marketing assets as well as innovative digital tools, such as web books.

Barbara has won numerous business and leadership awards over the years. Her mission is to inspire, empower and support SMEs with the level of strategic and creative marketing, advertising and digital media services normally reserved for big city corporates.

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