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Shirley Dalton

Conquering Your Property Management Space

To go from being good to great as a business leader it is necessary to make the tough calls and have sufficient self-awareness to know what you are good at and what sets you apart from the competition.

Wayne has conquered the property management space because he loves it and he’s good at it. If he and his staff are given the opportunity to demonstrate the difference he and his team bring to an investment property owner, they are almost certain to win the property.  Wayne says, “We've now reached the point where we are chosen nine out of ten times if we are given the chance to present.”

In this session, Wayne will share how he has conquered the property management space by:

  • Making a leadership decision to focus on the parts of real estate he likes best;
  • Recruiting and retaining outstanding staff;
  • Giving his staff a lot of responsibility, paying them a lot, and offering commission;
  •  Expecting a lot and getting a lot in return; and
  • Running a portfolio model.

Speaker Bio

Prior to becoming the owner and Managing Director of his own real estate agency in 1992, Wayne Marriott worked in sales, marketing and management positions at IBM Australia. For the first nine years, his office traded as Richardson & Wrench, Crows Nest.

In order to become recognised as an agency with a superior philosophy and more effective sales, property management and service methods, Wayne made the decision to rebrand his business to Marriott Lane Real Estate in 2001.  As one of the largest and most active agencies in the area, Marriot Lane is now regarded as the Lower North Shore’s leading independent agency.

Wayne understands that people are the backbone of a business, so finding and keeping great talent is the key to success. He also understands the need to observe what you are good at. Over the years, it became increasingly clear to Wayne that he has a particular knack for property management. When he took over the business in 1992 there were just 11 properties on the rent roll. Today there are almost 750. One of the most valuable lessons Wayne has learned as a business leader is to focus your business on your strengths and passions.

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