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Lloyd Ernst

The Power of International Team Members

As our customers become more technology and marketplace savvy, there is increasing pressure on real estate businesses to keep up and deliver. While software systems like Complete Data and Mobile Agent and digital systems like web books and Mobile Marketing Links are brilliant tools that facilitate instant, cutting edge and automated connection and communication, they rely on a dedicated level of manual input, maintenance or design before the automation process can kick in. These manual processes take time – time that most sales professionals are better off spending face-to face with property owners and buyers in order to list and sell more properties and generate more future business for themselves and the company.

The future belongs to companies that understand what their clients want and utilise the latest technology and the right resources to provide it. In the last decade, technological advancements have reduced the cost of communication and logistics, increasing the scope and complexity of what can be outsourced.

As the world becomes infinitely smaller, smart companies are learning that outsourcing the right tasks to the right specialised and dedicated international resources is the way forward.

You will learn:

  • The specific real estate functions that can be readily outsourced internationally.
  • How to look for the right outsourcing partner; one who can deliver quality staff, value for money, innovation, relationship management and collaboration.
  • Why outsourcing is not simply about providing the lowest common denominator level of support.
  • How to get the team dynamics right in Australia when outsourcing internationally.
  • How to create the perfect exit strategy by outsourcing the documentation of the company’s processes and procedures and in so doing, unlocking the intellectual property that normally resides only in the mind of the business owner.
  • How outsourcing has grown from a simple cost-saver to a way real estate companies can gain customer-centricity and unlock new technological capabilities.

Speaker Bio

Lloyd Ernst is in the business of building relationships and creating virtual teams. He has enjoyed a distinguished career in the Australian IT industry as an Internet pioneer and entrepreneur. Over the past two decades he has worked for industry leaders including Apple and Microsoft and founded two of the nation’s largest ISP and web hosting businesses – PowerUp and WebCentral.

In 2005 Lloyd founded Cloudstaff, initially as a company focused on software development for Western markets. By 2010, he had identified the Philippines as an emerging market for outsourcing services and expanded operations to the region, commencing with a team of just seven. Today, Cloudstaff employs over 700 staff and contractors across six locations.

These days Lloyd is focused on redefining the outsourcing industry through the seamless integration of technology and the people who use it. He is dedicated to creating the technology that will reshape the sector by providing staff with the tools they need, and customers (including a growing number of Australian real estate companies) with the experience they want.