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Charmaine Burke

You Can’t Become A Great Leader Without Being A Great Communicator!

Are you aware of the signals you are sending out as a leader?

Do you know how to use communication effectively to improve team results? 

Do you understand how to change the way you communicate as you climb the leadership ladder?

In this fun, interactive session, you will:


  • Gain a deeper awareness of how your non-verbal communication could be unwittingly affecting your leadership influence;
  • Uncover 20 of the most powerful questions you can ask to acquire information, insights and build relationships; and
  • Learn the communication techniques that leaders must use to engage and inspire action.

Speaker Bio

Many Australian businesses and corporate leaders have engaged Charmaine Burke over the past 10 years to help them dramatically improve their results through the art of communication.  As a business communication specialist, Charmaine teaches business professionals how to deliver more effective sales presentations; speak as leaders in their field; be more assertive; and improve company culture; as well as the art of collaboration, public speaking and confidence building techniques.

Charmaine is undeniably enthusiastic, passionate and highly experienced in drawing the best out of individuals and teams through positive, supportive and practical learning experiences.  Having worked with individuals from the shop floor to C-suite clients across a wide variety of industries, Charmaine says her experience has proven that the art of communication is an essential leadership skill.

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