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Phil Harris

The effectiveness of internal training

Too many real estate business leaders are so busy ensuring the cogs of the machine keep running that recruitment, induction and ongoing staff training are put in the ‘too hard basket’. The harsh reality is, when a new recruit joins your team, it is your responsibility as the business owner to ensure they have the right information, training and guidance to establish a solid foundation for a successful and prosperous real estate career. The challenge is to do so without disrupting the flow of business in the agency and ensure each staff member continues to develop long term. It’s no coincidence that many of South Australia’s highest performing real estate professionals work for Harris Real Estate. That fact alone attracts great clients and properties. People see the success achieved by the group and they want to be a part of it.

This session will introduce you to an onboarding system that will save you countless hours in ‘handholding’ while ensuring every new recruit quickly becomes an asset to the team. It will be delivered in three parts:

  1. The agent/agency relationship
  2. Winning the war on talent
  3. Scaling your business and on-demand learning

You will learn:

  • Why it is our responsibility as leaders in today’s rapidly changing marketplace to provide the resources and 'runway for learning' for all staff on our team, no matter what size business we run.
  • The importance of reducing as many administrative duties from frontline staff (salespeople and property managers) as possible and how Phil has managed this by establishing both in-house and offshore resources.
  • Why every member of the team must operate under the banner of a strong brand with world-class company-wide and individual marketing strategies and collateral.
  • How your internal training platform is the only real advantage you have in the marketplace if you want to win the war on talent and build a business in which the best people not only want to work, but want to stay.
  • That if you are serious about scaling your business for solid growth, it will be impossible to recruit, induct and train staff without an online learning platform in place; one that captures, records, stores, distributes and automatically updates information in such a way that you can train multiple staff at a time.

Speaker Bio

As founder and Managing Director of one of Australia’s most dynamic and rapidly growing multi-office independent real estate companies, Harris Real Estate in South Australia, Phil Harris operates his company as an ‘Attraction Business’, not only in terms of attracting clients, but also top talent. Currently leading a growing team of over 130 , Phil’s company has experienced solid annual growth since opening the first office with a staff of five in 2010. Today his company enjoys top market share within most marketplaces it operates. Phil is also one of the most requested real estate speakers in Australia today. He has presented at AREC and for Real Estate Academy numerous times and has also spoken at various international conferences.