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Phil Harris

Business Implementations

Michael’s session delves deeply into the thoughts of a leader who has been in business for a number of years and realises it’s time to make some drastic changes. Like all leaders, Michael had always dreamt of running a business with a strong and thriving workplace culture in which every team member is engaged and productive. Until recently however that dream had not yet come to fruition.

After attending The Complete Salesperson Course in Brisbane Michael made a leadership decision to rebuild his business and team through a series of strategic business implementations. The result was a structure, order and system that have led to greater productivity across the board and a strong workplace culture in which every team member is thriving in their chosen career.

This brilliant leadership session will deliver the 5 key business implementations that Michael used to make a significant difference in his business, the organisational culture, and the engagement of the entire company.

Every system needs a home; every business needs a leader and every structure becomes an enabler.  This is a powerful ‘in the trenches’ talk not only on leadership, but also on the art of getting things done.

Speaker Bio

Michael Garside has 16 years’ experience working in the real estate industry, including 14 years at Harcourts Dapto. As Principal and business owner, he is tenacious, proactive and always leads his team by example. Superior service is at the core of Michael’s business. This stems from a belief that a successful real estate transaction results from the ability to listen, understand and clearly and effectively communicate with clients. Clients are the number one priority at Harcourts and it is considered imperative that they receive a positive experience when dealing with anyone representing the brand.


Michael demonstrated incredible leadership strength when he made the decision to rebuild his business and team after realising he had lost his way in the area of organisational structure and workplace culture. Today all Harcourts Dapto team members happily sing from the one hymnbook and are achieving better results and enjoying their careers more than ever.

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