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Matt King

The Future Of Leadership

The leadership skills you need for the future aren’t the same as the ones that worked for you in the past. Our fast-changing world demands a new kind of leadership. Fortunately, your team members are smarter, savvier, and more influential than ever before. Successful leaders tap into their unique talents, and help them develop the skills for the future workforce.

In this session Gihan will teach you how to embrace change, get the most from your people, and future-proof your business so you can stay current and relevant.

Speaker Bio

Gihan Perera is a futurist, conference speaker, author and consultant who gives business leaders a glimpse into what's ahead and how they can become fit for the future. Since 1997, Gihan has worked with business leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and other change agents - helping them with their strategies for thriving in a fast-changing world.

As an educator, Gihan has been at the leading edge of presentation technology and online learning. He writes and presents for Citrix Global, a leading provider of online collaboration technology; he was one of a handful of invited guest contributors (along with Seth Godin and Nancy Duarte) to Garr Reynolds' book Presentation, Zen; and he hosts the eGurus Community, an online resource centre for speakers, trainers, consultants and Thought Leaders.

Gihan has been rated by Forbes Magazine as the #5 social media influencer in the world and #1 in Australia in his area of expertise. He has clients throughout Australia, and also in New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Singapore, the US and Canada. He is a Gold Level author for the International Institute of Managers and Directors and has written eleven books including, The Future of Leadership, Fast, Flat and Free, Out of Office, and Webinar Smarts.

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