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Joel Davis

Clarity, Capacity & Care Factor!

Joel Davis will be covering key points regarding how to grow your rent roll whilst also maintaining a high level of service and keeping your staff engaged without burning them out.

Joel’s office has grown from 438 properties in April 2015 to over 1100 properties in June 2017. He will share key tools used in order to take in high volumes of information quickly, keeping you across and in control of a rent roll in minutes.

"Image Property is family-owned  with a strong set of inherent values. In recent years we have seen an exciting amount of growth and I commend our dedicated team for driving this through  their hard work and commitment to our tenants, landlords and property investors."  - Joel Davis

Speaker Bio

Joel is the Managing Director of Image Property and has been part owner of the business since 2010. He has dedicated his career to real estate and is proud to lead a team of professionals in property management and sales for a diverse list of property investors from Queensland and throughout Australia.

Joel’s passion for real estate has been recognised by industry peers and is evidenced in his impartial advice to tenants, property investors, property vendors and buyers alike. His expertise extends across residential property management, valuation and property investment and sales.

When Joel isn’t talking to clients, radio audiences, or as a panel member, he keeps himself busy talking to whoever will listen about real estate.